Carroll Agency

19111 Kittyhawk Ave. Carroll, Iowa 51401
(712) 792-5001



Mary Wittry –

Office Manager

Cathy Toms –

Education Coordinator

Karen Monical –

Production Staff
  • Lisa Crouch
  • Dan Henkenius
  • Peggy Hinners
  • Mark Kanealy
  • Nathan Nieland
  • Michelle Rogers
Landfill Operators
  • Jay Riesberg
  • Dave Tunning
  • Lynn Wuebker


Board of Directors

Executive Board of Directors meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 a.m. at the Recycling Center.


Jeff Anthofer
Mayor of Coon Rapids –

Vice Chair

Dan Snyder
Mayor of Breda –


Harvey Dales – Representative of Manning

Scott Johnson – Board of Supervisors

Mark Beardmore – Mayor of Carroll

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