Environmental Stewardship & Continuous Improvement in Solid Waste Management

Carroll Agency

19111 Kittyhawk Ave. Carroll, Iowa 51401
(712) 792-5001




Mary Wittry – [email protected]


Office Manager

Cathy Toms – [email protected]


Education Coordinator

Abbey Conrad – [email protected]


Production Staff

Lisa Crouch

Dan Henkenius

Peggy Hinners

Dale Liechti

Michelle Rogers


Landfill Operators

Jay Riesberg

Dave Tunning

Lynn Wuebker


Board of Directors

Executive Board of Directors meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 a.m. at the Recycling Center.



Jeff Anthofer
Mayor of Coon Rapids – [email protected]


Vice Chair

Dan Snyder
Mayor of Breda – [email protected]



Harvey Dales – Representative of Manning  [email protected]

Scott Johnson – Board of Supervisors  [email protected]

Jerry Fleshner – Mayor of Carroll  [email protected]

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