Got Waste? You’re at the right place!

All loads MUST be firmly covered/secured. A $25 fee will be assessed for unsecured residential loads and $100 fee for unsecured commercial loads. This will be strictly enforced, no exceptions.


Educational Programs are available for all student, community, civic or church groups within our West Central Iowa Association service area.

Call 712-792-5001 or email to schedule your event or classroom visit. Virtual Meetings are available for all programs. In person services have been temporarily suspended due to COVID Р19.


Programs are free of charge and are available for students from Pre-K to 12. Students will learn about recycling, safe disposal of materials, composting and landfill construction. Through visual and hands on activities, our lessons teach how we protect the environment and community, and help preserve raw materials for generations to come.


Programs are free of charge and available for community, civic, or church groups of all ages. Our programs include composting, how and what to recycle, on site – business – residential recycling programs and landfill operations.

Tours & Field Trips

A tour of the Recycling Center & Landfill are free of charge. For your safety, we advise small tour groups of 30 or less.