Environmental Stewardship & Continuous Improvement in Solid Waste Management

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)


We take our Environmental Responsibility Seriously!
How we manage our waste today determines how our children thrive tomorrow.

Is this Heaven…No, it’s Iowa…and we love our land. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has teamed up with the Iowa Solid Waste Industry! The Environmental Management System, (EMS) through the DNR, encourages environmental stewardship and continuous improvement to Solid Waste Agencies. Membership to EMS is voluntary, and brings partnership, teamwork and bi-yearly project grants to participating Agencies. Grants are awarded for qualifying projects in six areas of emphasis, called Components.


6 EMS Components

  • Organics Waste Management
  • Household Hazardous Materials Collection
  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • Recycling Services
  • Environmental Education


West Central Iowa Solid Waste has been an active member of EMS since 2014, with ALL staff actively involved in identifying areas of need and implementation within our facility. Goals, objectives, targets and continuous improvement must substantiate grant requests.  Because of staff forethought and team work, substantiating continuous improvement while meeting targets & goals, we have been awarded numerous grants.


The following improvements were partial EMS grant funded:

  • Sewer line partnership with the City of Carroll
  • Litter Fencing
  • Electronic Sign
  • Solar Array Field
  • Solar Roof Array on Maintenance Shed
  • New Baler for Plastics
  • Refrigerator for the Community of Concern
  • Rural Recycle Trailers for Crawford & Guthrie Counties
  • Website Design
  • Free Composting Workshop open to the community
  • Reusable Shopping Bags
  • Earth Day Art Contest with local school students
  • Recycle Containers for Carroll County Cities Parks and Fields
  • 3 Stream Recycle Stations in Pilot Schools
  • Free Event Recycle Stands for West Central Solid Waste Agencies


We are more than JUST a Transfer Station, Landfill or Recycling Center, we are stewards of the land, water and air…Delivering Environmental Services…together.