Got Waste? You’re at the right place!

Spring’s around the corner and so are Saturday Hours!

Beginning April 3rd we will be open on Saturdays from 8-11am , last load across the scale before 10:30am.


Transforms food scraps and lawn & garden waste into a valuable soil amendment.

  • rich in nutrients – reducing the need for chemical fertilizer
  • useful in retaining soil moisture – reducing water usage
  • stops erosion


Preserves valuable landfill space.

  • reduces the need to prematurely build new cells
  • saves money on trash disposal


Protects the environment.

  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions – related to climate change
  • reduces issues surrounding leachate – supporting water quality



Classes are available for groups of all ages with simple instruction of available compost opportunities & how to get started. Call 712-792-5001 to schedule a class.

See How To:

Back Yard Compost

Indoor Compost