Environmental Stewardship & Continuous Improvement in Solid Waste Management


By: Fusebox Marketing Date: August 2, 2021

Recycling is important to help preserve our natural resources, but recycling alone is not enough to stop the demands humanity is placing on the planet. We all must REDUCE what we are using in energy and what we are purchasing and throwing away in products.


The concept of zero waste is an age-old belief.

Prior to the 1950’s, EVERYTHING was used and reused until it simply wore out. Baskets or bags were used to collect and carry home merchandise from the market. Everyone had a metal lunch pail filled with reusable and refillable containers. Everything was used to the fullest and then shared or passed on to others.


The 1950’s brought us the age of “Disposable Living.”

Why spend time in the house cleaning or washing when you could use disposable styrofoam? Next came the plastic baggie, no more carrying a lunch pail, when you could pack a disposable lunch. Paper napkins, why wash a cloth napkin when you can easily dispose of your used paper one?

These conveniences were life changing, more free time for enjoying life! HOWEVER, modern conveniences have serious consequences on the planet, and in the solid waste industry. Our modern conveniences are not going away anytime in the future, they simply don’t decompose. Landfills are filling up across America, and we have limited means to recycle many of the items we use.


Consider taking a zero waste challenge.

Realistically, we are all going to make some waste. But we can each make a difference toward zero waste if we make a few small changes.

  • Carry a large reusable messenger type shoulder bag when you go shopping at the mall. No need for individual plastic bags from the store, just drop all your items in your shoulder bag. Much easier than toting around all the individual bags.
  • Do you really need a plastic bag to hold your single item from the store? Consider refusing the plastic bag and simply carry your item to the car.
  • Purchase cloth napkins, no more paper waste. Rewash your cup, no more solo cups. Refillable water bottles, no more bottled water. Silicone food baggies are making their debut on the store shelves, skip the ziplock plastic baggies for a lifetime silicone ziplock bag.
  • Buy frozen juice, make a pitcher full and serve in a refillable-rewashable glass/bottle instead of a plastic prepackaged juice boxes.

Here is a great resource for getting started on your zero waste journey! Visit https://www.goingzerowaste.com/blog-posts-for-beginners/ to find many more ways to cut your waste down to zero waste.

Cause we’re all about the waste, collecting, recycling, managing and environmentally sound disposal of your waste. Zero waste starts with the methods of the past…reusing everything to its fullest, don’t trash the future.¬†