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Spread Less Litter & More Love

By: West Central Iowa Solid Waste Date: February 7, 2024

We love protecting the environment at Carroll County Solid Waste, and we love that our recycling and disposal programs protect our community and the earth. Here are a few ways to express love for your significant other AND the planet for a more eco-friendly and less wasteful Valentine’s Day.

Compost flowers.

Did you know that once those roses start to wilt you shouldn’t just throw them in the trash? Flowers make an excellent addition to compost, enriching the soil and reducing waste.

Reuse, recycle, but watch out for glitter.

While many cards can be recycled, we can’t accept any with glitter, foil, or metallic coatings. Instead of discarding them, consider reusing cards for craft projects or sentimental keepsakes.

Buy eco-friendly gifts.

Consider sustainable gift options such as locally made goods or a potted plant instead of cut flowers.

Gift bags are keepers.

Gift bags often end up as an overlooked source of waste during celebrations. These bags can be reused for future special occasions, reducing the need for new packaging every time.

Choose locally sourced or handmade gifts.

Locally sourced or handmade items often have a smaller carbon footprint, as they don’t involve long-distance transportation.

DIY gifts from upcycled materials.

Get creative and express your love through DIY gifts made from upcycled materials. Transform old items into something new and meaningful, like a personalized picture frame, a handmade piece of jewelry, or a piece of art. This not only reduces waste but also adds a personal and thoughtful touch to your gift-giving.

Digital greetings and virtual celebrations.

Consider sending e-cards or virtual messages. Digital greetings eliminate the need for paper and transportation, making them a more sustainable alternative to traditional cards. If distance prevents a physical celebration, opt for a virtual date night.

Choose sustainable packaging.

Choose products with minimal or eco-friendly packaging to reduce waste. Many companies now offer sustainable packaging options or use materials that are easily recyclable. By making conscious choices, you contribute to the reduction of unnecessary packaging waste.

Give the gift of time or experiences.

Sometimes the most valuable gifts are those that create lasting memories. Instead of physical items, consider gifting experiences. Plan a weekend getaway, a cooking class together, or a subscription to a streaming service for cozy nights at home. Experience-based gifts often have a lower environmental impact and provide opportunities for quality time together.

Help us spread less litter and more love this Valentine’s Day with these tips. Small, thoughtful choices like these can make a significant difference.