Environmental Stewardship & Continuous Improvement in Solid Waste Management

Recycling Center

19111 Kittyhawk Ave. Carroll, Iowa

Residential recycling is accepted FREE of charge at all West Central Iowa Agency locations.

It is then transferred to the Carroll Recycling Center for processing.

On Site Recycle Programs

Business & Residential Recycle Programs

Residential Curbside Recycling

Residents living within city limits are provided with weekly curbside recycling services. Recycling collection is the same day as garbage collection. Each household is provided one recycle container FREE of charge.

New to the community? Need another recycle bin? Check with your local solid waste agency.

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Rural Recycling

Recycling Trailers have been placed within the communities of Crawford & Guthrie Counties to provide recycling services for rural residents.

Carroll & Shelby Counties provide rural Recycling Trailers on site at the recycle center/transfer station for drop off during normal business hours.

Absolutely NO GARBAGE is accepted at these sites.

Trailer Locations

Commercial & Business Recycling

Local garbage haulers provide Business Recycling Collection. Please contact your local garbage hauler for business fees.

Business Recycling
Identifying recyclables and separation of materials in the work place is helpful when disposing in commercial recycle & trash containers. Clearly labeled containers and signage will help with this process. We have created signage for your business convenience. Print & Enjoy!

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Recycling basics

know what to recycle
empty - clean - dry
Paper & Cardboard Separate

Recyclable Materials


ONLY a food or beverage container, and generally has a metal lid. Both are recyclable, put them separate in the recycling bin.

NOT RECYCLABLE: undamaged glass décor, cookware & glassware can be reused & upcycled at a local thrift store. Damaged non-recyclable glass goes in the landfill.

Aluminum/Steel Cans

Food or beverage cans, empty household or personal hygiene aerosol cans, clean foil wrap & clean foil cook ware.

RECYCLE @ SALVAGE YARD: large metal & steel items, wire hangers and household metal décor, propane tanks and grills are recycled at your local salvage yard or scrap metal collection site.

HAZARDOUS WASTE: ALL spray paint cans, regardless if empty, are hazardous waste. Bring to recycling center / transfer station for hazards disposal.

Plastic ~ #1, #2 & #5 ONLY

#1 & #2 plastics are generally a food, beverage, soap or cleaner container. Put lids back on bottles.

#5 plastics are generally yogurt, sour cream, butter, ice cream, clear convenience store cups, dark plastic food containers. Put the lids back on these containers.

ALWAYS CHECK FOR #’S ~ plastic containers can look like a # 1, 2 or 5…but are actually 6 or 7.

NOT RECYCLABLE: all plastic with the #’s 3, 4, 6, or 7. Unusable Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Toys, Baby Items, Laundry Baskets, Garden Hoses & Pots.


NO single use plastic grocery bags, they are recyclable at local grocery stores.


Keep separate from plastic, glass & cans. Paper, newspapers, magazines, paperback books, envelopes, sticky notes & food boxes – clean & dry with no waxy or glittery coating. Hardcover books can be recycled if the cover is removed.

NOT RECYCLABLE: wet/moldy paper & cardboard, tissue paper, glittery gift bags or laminated paper. Any waxy coated item, such as a milk or juice carton.


Keep separate from plastic, glass & cans. Remove all liners, styrofoam, plastic wrap and place in the garbage. Flatten boxes and keep separate from other recycling.

NOT RECYCLABLE: wet or moldy cardboard.

Pizza Box

Keep separate from plastic, glass & cans. All areas without food or grease can be recycled. Tear off the top & sides to recycle, bottom goes in the garbage.

NOT RECYCLABLE: greasy or food covered areas