Environmental Stewardship & Continuous Improvement in Solid Waste Management

Indoor Composting

  1. Choose the indoor composter that best matches your life style.
    – Electric dehydrator
    – Worm Bin
    – Under the Sink or Garage Composting Container
  2. Follow the West Central Iowa Solid Waste Backyard Composting Recipe, and do a little further research, there are many items that can be composted beyond the list on the recipe card.
  3. Worm composting follows the WCISW recipe of Carbon & Nitrogen. Gather both materials for your worm bin.
  4. Under the sink containers will require their own prepackaged carbon mix.
  5. Electric Dehydrators – follow instructions for ingredients.
  6. Gather the black decomposed soil amendment from the compost container. It can be sprinkled directly over your lawn or around trees for fertilizer and a moisture enriching supplement. It can be mixed with existing garden soil or potting soil at a 1-part compost to 2- parts soil ratio.
  7. Under the Sink containers will have spouts for draining the liquid from the composter. This liquid is gold…perfect fertilizer for plants. Apply directly to garden or house plants.