By: Date: May 1, 2019

Yeah, I said it. They’re dumb. The one-use disposable kind made of plastic, that is. We’ve all pretty much gotten on board with more sustainable straws. But did you know that one plastic water bottle is the equivalent of 45 plastic straws? And on top of that,1,500 water bottles are being used per second in the United States. That’s trash.

The absolute cherry on top? Plastic bottled water is terrible for the environment, and it’s also much more expensive. It’s quite literally a lose-lose situation, except for maybe the companies making plastic water bottles.

(Hint: they don’t make water, they make bottles. Think about that.)

Now, I’m one for staying hydrated. Ask my co-workers, they see me drinking water as if I’ve just run a marathon. Between you and me though, I definitely didn’t run a marathon. The thought alone makes my knees ache. Probably should work on that. But back to business!



A reusable water container is not only cost-effective and environmentally conscious, but you can also personalize them as well. I love those water fountains that have a bottle refill sensor, and they have a counter that shows how many single-use plastic bottles of water this unit has saved from entering our landfills, rivers, oceans, and lakes.

The same can be said for the single-use plastic cups. Now, I love a red solo cup party as much as the next person. But in all reality-those can be replaced with something more resourceful. How about a gourd cup?!

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