By: Date: January 19, 2021

To help safe guard against reigniting fires we will be suspending the acceptance of burn barrel or fire pit ash until further notice. The fire has been out for days and the ash seems harmless…
but under the right conditions there are hidden hot spots in the ash that will reignite…causing a flareup in the landfill.

Another seemingly harmless item is the battery. The littlest of items can cause the biggest fires! Heavy equipment is used to crush and compact the items placed in the landfill. This management technique is essential for conserving space.

However, if a laptop, cell phone, hearing aid, greeting card or rechargeable battery is placed in the landfill, there is a probability that it will explode, combust or ignite when crushed by this equipment.

Batteries in with recycling will have the same dangerous result. When crushed inside the baling machine, they will combust. Fire in the paper…it’s too scary to contemplate, the entire building would go up in flames.

To assure for the safety of our operators & staff and to prevent future landfill or recycling center fires, get to know your battery types and the ins and outs of proper disposal. Print out our battery brochure for future reference.

Look for hazardous batteries in the most unsuspecting places…such as solar lights, toys, rechargeable toothbrushes, hearing aids and electronic gadgets.

Help keep those evening fires burning safely in the firepit, and not in the landfill.