By: Date: January 19, 2021

Look around, almost all of our products are made from one type of plastic or another. From children’s toys to coffee makers, our homes are filled with items made from this strong durable material.

While plastic is a wonderful invention, it has created quite a problem for our planet. We are literally filling our lands, oceans and landfills with a product that does NOT decompose (anytime in the next 500 to 1,000 years) and has limited recycling opportunities.



Taking a used material and making it into a new product. If there is no invention, creation or company that reuses certain materials…then they are not recyclable…they are trash.

At this time, we have NO purchasers for plastics with the numbers 3-7. This is why we currently ONLY accept and recycle items with numbers 1&2.
If the plastic item has no recycle symbol, or has the #’s 3-7…it is immediately trash. This is the sad state of used plastic…
It is everywhere, and is going nowhere.



Next time you are at the store, take notice of all the products that are returning to using glass and metal for packaging. From milk to yogurt to spices & spaghetti sauce…you have a choice of packaging. Choose your products in containers that are infinitely recyclable, such as aluminum and glass. If plastic is your choice, look for the recycling numbers on the container. Choose a product that uses #1&2 plastic for their packaging. Product companies are making packaging changes, please choose wisely and do your part too!



We need a solution to plastic pollution. We need more research in the redevelopment of plastic. We need commitment to creation of new products…using all levels of recycled plastic.

Legislation is being written, and will soon be presented, that will ask for increased funding and programs that will create new products and materials using recycled materials. The EPA is developing a National Framework for Advancing the U.S. Recycling System. Please use your voice, contact your state and federal representatives and ask for support of this new legislation.

Your voice and your choice at the store WILL make a difference! Recycling…it IS our future.