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By: Date: January 19, 2021

The Holiday Season is a wonderful time of year to show and share your love for family and friends. As you purchase the food, beverages, and gifts for your gatherings you will find many items with a new recycling symbol.



How2Recycle has created a program to direct you to the store, location, or recycling center closest to you that will collect and recycle items that are not part of your curbside recycling program.

The new standardized labeling system cleary shows recycling instructions to consumers. A group of brands that are concerned about having their packaging recycled created this new system to give customers the information they need to recycle correctly.

As you navigate the website you will see lists of companies joining the recycling and waste reduction effort, including:



Look for this symbol on your holiday food and gift packaging and visit the website

It is a great resource, and brings us one step closer to a waste-free world!

Contact your local recycler if you have any questions about recycling your packaging and waste.