By: Date: January 19, 2021

As is Trash Talk tradition, I’m just going to cut straight to the chase. Balloons suck. They don’t biodegrade, and they essentially murder innocent unsuspecting animals.

Okay, but in all reality, while those word choices were quite dramatic, it’s true. Balloon releases are some of the biggest culprits for releasing latex pollution into the environment.

I get it. We all grieve differently. I’m not here to knock that. However, there are better ways to grieve or remember loved ones than a balloon release-and I’m not even going to get into the helium shortages, so don’t ask. So, rather than just make this all doom and gloom, and what terrible people we are for using balloons, let’s find some positivity and alternatives that won’t drown Flipper!




Light a Candle in remembrance! If your balloon release is for a memorial, replace it with candles. This is a beautiful way to remember someone. Of course, do not leave any flame unattended. Also, sky lanterns are not suggested due to the chance of fire and animal hazards.





Plant in Remembrance. Plant a garden, a few planters, you name it! Invite others to join you in your efforts. And don’t be afraid to recycle the plants into compost should you lose one. And remember, plants make oxygen so that makes this option especially good!





Celebrate with Kites Instead. Fly a kite or anchor one to the ground and enjoy it as the wind takes the kite into flight! When you are done, the kite comes home with you, unlike the balloons that get released.





Banners or Flags Hang a banner or a flag to celebrate an event or during a certain time of year to remember a loved one during their favorite holidays. This is something you can do year in and year out as a tradition





These are all some pretty simple ideas to honor loved ones who are no longer with us, without further damaging the environment or ecosystems. Are there any ideas you can think of? Share your ideas with us on our social media platforms! You can find us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!