By: Date: January 19, 2021

If you are “taken out behind the woodshed,” it is usually a discreet way of being reprimanded or disciplined, but it is also a place where things happen that are not seen.

Carroll County Solid Waste provides a disposal area for yard & garden, brush & tree waste for residents of Carroll County. Our organic piles are cared for, shredded, turned and moved. Meanwhile mother nature is quietly changing this material into nutrient rich compost soil. The compost is used throughout the landfill area for a soil enhancer & fertilizer and is shared in the spring and fall with residents of Carroll County.

CCSW recently hosted a Free Compost Event. Over 75 vehicles lined the streets surrounding the recycling center, and carried away over 129,000 pounds of compost!



We have recently been experiencing some “behind the woodshed” activities. Empty plastic lawn & leaf bags, banged up tubs and old lawn chairs, beat up 5 gallon buckets and mattresses are being dumped behind the grass clipping and wood piles.

Please help preserve this disposal service for our community. Empty your load and take your bags & containers back home for use the next time. If you have trash, bring it across the scale for disposal in the landfill. We don’t want any nasty surprises “behind the wood pile.”

Yard & Garden disposal: Free
Brush & Tree disposal: $5 minimum fee – $45 per ton
Garbage disposal: $10 minimum fee – $45 per ton